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We spent almost a month together. He was given a break at work and I also had a break at school.
School had resume so I need to get back to school.
I was reluctant just because I will be leaving my darling sawj alone. And he's not happy either.
"Adeola, make sure you concentrate on your studies,don't find any excuse for not reading simply because there is time for everything.
Though I will be missing you a lot, your smiles, your talks, your hospitality and every part of your body.
May Allah make things easy for us both". He said.
Jazakumullahu kayran Habeeby, I will forever be grateful to you. I replied.
"hmm, won't you give me a kiss? ". He asked with a beseeching look.
I smiled and gave him a peck on his cheek.
"it is enough now, you Know it's a two hours journey and I don't want to be late". I said. "OK OK, I know you like keeping to time and I respect that". He said cheerfully.
" yes I know you do mr talkative. " I replied jokingly.
"me? A talkative? ". He questioned.
" of course you are " I replied in affirmation.
He attempted to touch me but I stood up, dodged, avoid him and keep moving in circle.
"please wait I'm almost out of breath.". He said panting.
"oh oh  so pathetic, you are not good at sporting and exercise. I said mockingly.
"let me help you out I can see you are now tired." I surrendered.
I brought a towel to wipe off the sweat that kept running on his face. His eyes were fixed on me and we locked contacts.
"hmm, you see, that's women for you, you are the one that started it and you end it yourself. He concluded.
We chat a little longer and before I knew it, it was 4:00 pm.
I exclaimed.
"what is it?". He asked with surprise.
"Just look at the wall clock, it's 4:00 pm already, it's getting late". I said while frowning.
"oh I'm so sorry, I will be on my way to masjid. Will be back soon In shaa Allah.". He said.
" OK don't stay long I will offer mine at home. I replied .
After solatul asr we are on our way to Ibadan. The journey was so splendid because we chatted on the way. We arrived at my hostel around 8:00 pm due to the heavy traffic.
"Assalam alaykum". We said in unison.
"waalaykumusalam warahmatullah". Replied Fathima.
Fathima hurried out when she heard my voice.
"oh! My dear friend, I have missed you a lot. Ha oko Iyawo (groom), hope you are not angry with me? It's been a while I have seen my friend, that's why I don't know you are even here, I'm very sorry." said Fathima.
" there is nothing to be sorry about " Imran replied gently looking away.
"hmm my friend so you are now a niqabite . Brother you don't want me to frequently view my friend's beautiful face again?" Fathima asked.
He laughed but ignored the question.
Fathima kept talking and asking a lot of questions.
30 minutes later I heard a beep on phone.

Guess the sender.
To be continued In shaa Allah.
Note: this story is simply a fiction.

Writer : Shukroh Abdulhameed.
Editors : Harmudah Ibrahim

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